Griffiths Civil Build Projects

Transpower Tower Foundation Strengthening

Stage 1 to 4 (2005 - 2007)

This project won the 2007 New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards Supreme Award. We are proud to have been associated with this project. 

Project scope

This project involved upgrading the foundations on transmission line towers in the upper South Island. The route covered 450km of network with much of the line passing through the remote and wild high country from Hanmer to St Arnaud. Griffiths played a major part in this undertaking.

Complicating factors and solutions

Isolated work sites, minimal access, rough terrain, very limited communications service, extreme weather conditions, delicate ecology and work near live lines all presented challenges that were overcome. This included our staff attending training courses by Transpower so they could safely work around the base of the towers, using satellite phones, careful planning and logistics and an awareness by the team of all the environmental factors including the weather that could adversly affect safety or the outcome of the project. The judges of the awards were particularly impressed by the calibre of the technical and logistical management over such an extended site.


In his report to the Dept of Conservation following an audit of the environmental impact and practices of the contractors on site, consultant Ian Alach noted, "Griffiths demonstrated great professionalism in their operation and seemed easily able to meet the conservation requirements".


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This section shows examples of some of the most recent and key projects that Griffiths Civil Build have been involved in. It showcases the variety of work that we are capable of and gives details of the individual projects, along with a scope and other relevant details and images.

Repiling, Decking & House Repairs - Grafton Rd

This project involved carrying out repairs to an existing dwelling in Roseneath that had restricted access. Our role was to undertake repair work as identified during a pre-purchase building inspection and engineers report.

Concrete Retaining Wall & Access Road - Homebush Road

This project on Homebush Road in Wellington involved the construction of a substantial precast concrete retaining wall and other works to create an access road for a new multi-lot residential development.

Timber Retaining Wall - Home in Roseneath

This home had an old concrete retaining wall that had failed and was falling over in places. After repairing a broken pipe (causing the soil to become saturated and contributing to the old wall failing) we constructed a new timber retaining wall.

Decks & Verandahs - Aotea College, Porirua

To keep the new music block build on track, Naylor Love Construction approached us to assist with the build. This project included securing foundations for relocated buildings, constructing large deck, access ramps and framing.

Earthquake Strengthening - Royal NZ Police College

A major project and the first of its kind in New Zealand. It was particularly challenging and had to be completed outside of usual office hours so the College could remain open. Limited space, harder than expected rock and ground water had to be overcome to successfully complete the job.

Retaining Walls - Commercial Projects

Griffiths Civil Build have a comprehensive background of successfully completing a wide range of retaining walls. See examples of our work that include an RBI upgrade for Vodafone, a new retaining wall on Paekakariki Hill Road and work in the city for Victoria University,

2 Degrees National Rollout - NZ Wide

Details of the national rollout for 2 Degrees. Tier 1 covered work in all the major centres, Tier 2 involved more remote locations that required helicopter and 4X4 access, while Tier 3 saw the completion of over 100 cell tower sites all over the country.

Telecom NZ Site Builds - North Island

Cell phone tower construction throughout the North Island. The ‘roadside' project in Palmerston North required an onsite traffic management policy, the construction at Avalon needed specialist environmental precautions and Otaki was the first to utilise Telecom's own specific design.

West Wind Farm

Limited access, steep terrain, wet slippery conditions and very high winds were complicating factors. Also the rock was very fractured due to the proximity of the main fault line.

Soil Nail Wall - Dowse to Petone

Construction of a retaining wall that included drilling and testing a sacrificial nail for design purposes, drilling and installing production nails, fabrication of nail heads, fixing mesh to the face and applying sprayed concrete.