A proven history of civil work in nz

Who are Griffiths Civil Build?

Griffiths Civil Build is a Wellington-based, family owned company with a proud association with the drilling and civil construction industries in New Zealand that extends over 45 years. We have been involved with some of New Zealand’s largest and most technically challenging construction projects. Examples include the Clyde Dam, Wellington Motorway, Te Papa, Westpac Trust Stadium and the ongoing Transmission Gully project.

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experienced and qualified crews

Licensed builders are integral parts of all our work crews

Griffiths Civil Build is a is a committed team, willing and able to meet the challenges of working in varying locations in difficult conditions safely and effectively. The company has had extensive experience in many different facets of civil work. This includes telecommunications network and energy network projects, geotechnical investigations, drilling, piling, environmental monitoring work and anchor drilling.

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every work site is safe

Efficient methods result in quality work delivered quickly and safely

Griffiths Civil Build is aware of the overall value that comes from operating projects in a safe environment and adhering to Occupational Health and Safety policies. By providing and maintaining a safe working environment, Griffiths Civil Build protects our employees, actively reduces on-site accidents and saves clients both time and money.

'poles apart' from the competition

We actively encourage you to be involved in your project

At Griffiths Civil Build we are committed to providing every customer the best possible service. We ensure a safe work place where no damage is done to the environment during the course of the project and then deliver a successful outcome for all parties.

We achieve this by:

    Implementing our Environmental Plan which has systems to identify and control risks to the environment.
    Ensuring our work meets the requirements of our customers and other stakeholders by using our Quality Management Systems.
    Improving performance and efficiency of employees through staff education and ongoing training, use of best work practices and documentation of company procedures.
    Ensuring a safe work place for staff and the public through identifying and controlling hazards, training and supervising our staff, and ensuring that sub contractors have the appropriate Health and Safety Systems in use.

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